Transaction data of debit-credit card will be stored in India

The master card payment company has started moving transaction data to India. American servers which were storing India’s data will be moved in India’s server so master card is moving server from America to India and this tasks will be completed by end of 2019.

Transaction data of debit-credit card will be stored in India

The company was starting this step on the order of Reserve Banks of India. RBI was ordered to collect all india’s transaction data at local level. Mastercard company is started working on this task from october 2018. They are clonning all data which has been stored in america so that copy can be moved in india. After complete this task, all data will be stored in india from that time.

Company was also added that this is not easy task like cloning data and installation of server whereas its complex task so it will be done in
3 phases. In another words, moving data and linking back to server without interruption of live transaction will not be easy. So, Company is adding their best and has asked for all cooperation from the government.

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