Mi band

Mi band is wearable product like watch but it has many great features than a simple watch. Mi band is a product of xiaomi. Its very comfortable to wear. 
Basically MI band has sensor to track your walking in steps and covert that into Kilometers. It means that if you are walking with this mi band will sense your walking speed into digital form which help to measure walking distance, speed, burned
Calorie , lost fat etc. 

It also has other feature like idle alarm which will notify you if you are idle from a particular time which you have configured. It has general alarm as well which help you to notify with the help of vibration or sound tune. MI band can be configured via smart phone using Bluetooth 4.0. If you connected it via Bluetooth you will be able to view all synched data of band into your phone even it will notify when any application notifications or phone call, you received in your phone.  
It has 41.4 mAh battery which can run device upto 20 days once you recharged it 100%. To connect with phone, you need to install Mi Fit app from google play store or Apple store for your respective phone. Cost of this band is 1,299 /- in India. 

Author: Raju Kumar

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