Apple TV app will be launched in 100 countries.

Big tech company Apple is now jumping in TV industry by rolling out TV App. Apple was confirmed this using blog post. This TV app will be rolled out in more than 100 countries including US, India, Canada, Africa and middle Eastern countries.

Apple users can subscribe channels within Apple TV app and can share the subscription to 6 family members using Apple account.
Apple subscribers can watch shows, movie and other entertainment program’s in offline and online medium. If a customer is HBO subscriber then that customer can download movies and shows.

Movies and shows data can be pulled from more than 150 video apps and it offer streaming services as well. App can have large list of 4K videos which subscriber can enjoy worldwide.

In upcoming time, Apple will increase this base launch in more and more country to cover around the world. Application integration from other videos apps will give large list of shows and movies options for their customer which is great for customer. All these was being updated by Apple via blog post.

Author: Raju Kumar

Hi, I am Raju Kumar from India. I have done MCA ( master degree in computer science and running a software company (Ginfo Technologies) from 2013. I have around 9 years of experience in web application development and mobile application development industry. I have gained alots of experience from this journey so I decided to write tech blogs to share for world. Thant's all. Thanks!

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