64 MP Camera based next Smartphone by Xiaomi

Xiaomi is planning to launch new smartphone with 64 mega pixel camera. Currently, there is no more information has been leaked about the name of this phone but it was confirmed that company is making smartphone for 64 MP camera which will be really awesome product. This information was seen at Chinese website vivo.

As per sources, it can be said that Samsung recently confirmed that they are already working to launch a new smartphone with 64 MP camera with ISOCELL Bright GW1 sensor. Due to this, Xiaomi will not want to make any delay to create competition since we know that Xiaomi has grown very faster in smartphone industry and they will not want stand back with any competitors.

Its said Xiaomi is also going to use same sensor with camera. As per information, 64 MP camera can work in low light and can capture 4 images each with 16 MB and will merge to make more clear image with resolution of 64 MB.

So, Only these information are available. Yet we are waiting to official announcement then we will get more update about phone name, other specifications and price etc. Once its updated will be updated soon.

Author: Raju Kumar

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